IronBand – Responsive Music & DJ WordPress Theme

Buy This Theme Here-IronBand – Responsive Music & DJ WordPress Theme

IronBand is the perfect WordPress theme for bands, musicians and DJs. Everything is in the details. The design is unique and comes with layered PSD. The theme includes all major features: Events & Gigs, HTML5 audio Player, YouTube Videos, News, Discography, Photos and Biography and even a Booking section. Everything’s there.

Fans will be able to follow you on all major social media including SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. You can also add your own social media.

Customize what you want and how you want it. Using our control panel, there are thousand ways to make the look and feel as you want it. You will be able to customize every little pieces from fonts, colors, sizes, and background images easily using our control panel. After all, we have designed this theme for you. If your sound is unique, you website should be. We got it!

Oh yeah ! Finally, this site is responsive and it kicks ass ! 

View the live responsive demo 

What people said about it:

“Bought it right away, and playing with it right now. SUCH a great theme !—matsbox” 
“Absolute quality work here!—hughkingkartel” 
“My thanks for such a great theme—Luther92” 
“About your customer services: You are awesome!—CharlzWllt” 
“Worked perfectly – thank you for all your wonderful support—Usnraver!” 
“Thank you so much ! I love your theme, very intuitive and good skills !—JulienCotel”

IronBand - Music Band & DJ WordPress theme premium
*Images (except the background images and icons) are not included in the download file. See credits below. 


  • Fully responsive
  • Easy options and control panel
  • Thousand ways to change the look and feel !
  • Option to have different background images on each pages
  • WPML Ready
  • Made with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Fontawesome used for icons
  • Smoooooth Scrolling
  • MP3 Player
  • Amazing Revolution Slider included !
  • Fully working AJAX/PHP/MySQL newsletter form
  • Easy Mailchimp Integration
  • Work with social medias
  • Clean & Layered PSD Included!
  • Live Twitter Feed
  • Working Newsletter form
  • Commented HTML5 & CSS code
  • Good documentation


Photos Credits: (Photos are not included)

Updates / Changelog

V.1.5 – 26.09.2013

  • Fixed bug with Infinite Scroll on Mobile Devices
  • Gigs: Show past events if it’s still within the same day
  • Gigs: Fixed bug with time not showing even if the option “Show time” is active.
  • Home > Gigs : Fixed Gig links
  • Fixed bug with “show at most” options
  • Social Network : Added Instagram
  • Discography > Single : Remove the title « Album Description »
  • Discography > Single : Remove « Track Listing » if no tracks found
  • Discography : Added “external link” field for albums
  • Standardized Date/Time within templates
  • Added an option to disable the fixed header on scroll
  • Added an option to disable niceScroll
  • Removed all color styles from the base style.css
  • Create additional template pages for News and Videos, (List / Grid)
  • Personalize blocks titles and call to action texts
  • Dynamic Change-log updates within option panel
  • Gigs: Added option to hide the date
  • Gigs: Modified the look and feel
  • Header Quote: Removed double quotes if quote is empty
  • Added the plugin Google Analytics for WordPress within the optional theme plugins

V.1.4.3 – 16.09.2013

  • Fixed bug with page background colour overridden by default background
  • Fixed gig link from homepage
  • Post Types : Fixed typo on `supports` parameter

V.1.4.2 – 15.09.2013

  • Fixed bug with gig dates on the home page
  • Fixed bug with error showing on a category page
  • Fixed custom post type thumbnail support

V.1.4.1 – 14.09.2013

  • Content type carousels now fetch title from associated page template
  • Added text fields to customize default playlist and Twitter block
  • Added text fields to customize Gig calls to action
  • Added text fields to customize Newsletter title and submit button
  • Added blank image for default album thumbnail
  • i18n : Replaced miused x() with _()
  • Taxonomies : Cleaned up trailing whitespace and abuse of indentation
  • Modified PHP syntax for post types to match taxonomy style
  • Added option to configure number of slides to display on home page
  • Globalized post_status and posts_per_page settings in pre_get_posts
  • Archives : Removed Archive suffix from index titles related to wp_title.
  • Reorganized the fields in the Content Type tab for better readability of options
  • Added settings to control posts per page for each custom content type
  • Comments : Fixed submit button to match color palette.
  • Archive : Moved get_header() to top of file to prevent fallback loop from breaking the title.
  • Archive > News : Swapped labels for Next and Previous links.
  • Pagination > posts_nav_link : Fixed links to match color palette.
  • Updated Advanced Custom Fields to 4.2.2
  • Fontello : Opera fails to fallback from FontAwesome to Fontello. Added CSS hack to target it and override its first webfont as Fontello.
  • Gigs : Added title to events; Cleaner title output for Albums.
  • Post Types : Added custom columns to all custom post types.
  • Post Types : Improved display of URLs for Slideshows and Gigs.
  • Taxonomies : Enabled display of taxonomy column for post types.
  • Site Footer : Fixed layout of logo and social networks on palm-sized viewports.
  • Gigs : Fixed & Centralized WP Querying
  • Homepage Slider : Fixed PHP notice related to empty slides. Replaced query_posts with WP_Query.
  • Added Individual Page Background Settings
  • Updated jPlayer Plugin to v2.4.0
  • Added Newsletter export option
  • Migrated Gigs dates to native WordPress post_date

V.1.4 – 05.09.2013

  • Fixed bug with audio player

V.1.3 – 04.09.2013

  • Fixed bug with nav menu / theme location
  • Made sure to use native WordPress jQuery version
  • Automatically assign pages to templates after importing default data
  • Automatically assign content types within admin panel after importing default data

V.1.2 – 30.08.2013

  • Added WordPress native pagination support
  • Now support 4 types of pagination
  • Placed wp_head immediately before head closing tag
  • Fixed minor bug

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