Awake – Powerful Professional WordPress Theme

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A New Breed of WordPress Themes Has Arrived!

With Mysitemyway you’re getting more than just a theme, you’re getting a new way of approaching them.

With our innovative separation of design from content, we’ve put everything you could every wish to customize into one easy to navigate option panel.

Take a closer look at the admin panel


Some Key Features




Dedicated Support Team

Your business is important to us and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with our products. Therefore all theme support is now handled on our searchable forum where you can get help to resolve any issues that you may have.

If you need help with something or just have a question then post a topic in the forum and a member of our support team will be with you shortly.

Click to sign up for our support forum


Revolutionary Skinning System

Better than child themes, you can choose from hundreds of preset skins and build upon any in our collection to create something personalized, unique, and new.

Click the link below to browse through our growing collection of skins.

Browse the growing collection of Awake Skins


Extensive Documentation

We have documented every aspect of our framework from admin panels to custom post types.

We also have “Get the Code” sections on each page of our demos where you can easily copy the page.

If you are having problems understand something then post a topic on our support forum and we will be with you shortly.

Visit the online documentation


100+ Shortcodes & A Built-in Shortcode Generator

Shortcodes make it easy for anyone to create beautifully styled posts and pages without any coding knowledge.

Use them whenever you are adding content to your site to create the most professional looking site possible; everything from column layouts, drop caps, and button styles to pricing tables and image galleries.

Browse the growing collection of Awake Shortcodes

Learn More About the Shortcode Generator


Updates & Changelog

V3.2 – 06.20.2013   –  [view changelog]

V3.1 – 1.14.2013   –  [view changelog]

V3.0 – 7.14.2012   –  [view changelog]

V2.9 – 3.01.2012   –  [view changelog]

V2.8 – 1.30.2012   –  [view changelog]

V2.7 – 1.26.2012   –  [view changelog]

V2.6 – 1.22.2012   –  [view changelog]

V2.5 – 1.5.2012  –  [view changelog]

V2.4 – 12.13.2011  –  [view changelog]

V2.3 – 8.3.2011  –  [view changelog]

V2.2 – 8.1.2011  –  [view changelog]

V2.1 – 7.20.2011  –  [view changelog]

V2.0 – 7.11.2011  –  [view changelog]
* Please note v2.0 is a major upgrade & not backwards compatible with settings from older versions.

V1.3 – 9.01.2010   –  [view changelog]

V1.2 – 8.02.2010   –  [view changelog]

V1.1 – 7.01.2010   –  [view changelog]

V1.0 – 6.30.2010   –  Initial Themeforest Release


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