6 Steps To Follow When Updating WordPress

6 Steps To Follow When Updating WordPress

The WordPress upgrade system is vastly improved. However, there are still some steps you can take to ensure that your upgrades go smoothly.

First and foremost, upgrades and updates should be done during your off-peak hours, i.e. your low traffic time. Usually this is at night (when people are not bored at work surfing the web), but it depends on your particular site’s traffic patterns.

The key here is to execute your update during a low activity time just in case something goes awry.

Next, start working through the steps below.

Depending on what you need to update, some of these steps may need to be omitted, but here is the proper sequence of update events:

1: Back Your Site Up

Backups ensure that you have an immediate action plan should something go wrong (other than flailing your hands in the air while screaming expletives).

  • Back up the database of your site. You can do this either via PHPMyAdmin or with our new dashboard tool, Software Monitor, which you will find in the sidebar menu just beneath “Updates.”
  • Back up your themes and plugins. (Synthesis does this for you nightly, but you can take manual backups via FTP if you want to.)

It is worth noting that backing…..continue reading


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