Free growing WP bundle responsive Wp themes

The growing WP bundle free responsive Wp themes

The growing WP bundlefree responsive Wp themes

41 Themes so farone new theme each week

By ThemeShock

  • Coorpin(new) July 22 – 2013


    This one is a sober theme built with light colors and a minimalistic style that give the feeling of demureness. useful for startups the same as for long time business. With unique built-in features that make …See Demo

  • Emily(new) July 8 – 2013


    Here we have a nice theme using several elements that can be considered vintage, such as the dividers, the slider background and borders and of course the colors. The illustrations are vintage too and might …See Demo

  • Miideo


    Miideo is a minimalistic WordPress theme with plastic interface elements, a nice texture, and a purple neon light effects that put toghether bring the sensation of handling an electronic device. Since the theme is purposed …See Demo

  • Theme Base


    A clean, minimalistic and full responsive free wordpress theme.  See Demo

  • Opaintt


    Another excellent theme from our flat themes series. A theme specialized in art, it has a nice pattern with brushstrokes, wide slider and content boxes to center all the attention in your work. this theme …See Demo

  • MinBlue


    A futuristic theme that makes use of slight but awesome 3d and shadow effects, the white is predominant in this theme which makes it neuter and pretty much adjustable for any purpose, but specially, design …See Demo

  • Cyrcuitt


    An ideal theme for technology blogs and magazines, counts with a circuitry pattern to give that sensation of an electronic device, the theme elements like the menu and search enforce the techie feeling. Its in …See Demo

  • Clean


    A clean and professional grid layout based wordpress theme with a really original menu design !See Demo

  • Orizz


    This is a dark and contrasting theme where red and yellow becomes a strong color scheme, this trendy design stands out every element inside containers. This is a great theme for a blog with convincing …See Demo

  • Themefo


    A dark an elegant theme including a big and simple slider which enhances images shown at first glance. Counts with a great thumbnail grid, and a nice footer. This is an ideal theme for photography …See Demo

  • Pallets


    A bright and nice theme, ideal for Interior Design content due to its pastel color scheme and organized layout. The yellow boxes demand attention, whilst the soft background is the perfect complement to make great …See Demo

  • Dexpress


    Detailed with very nice illustrations like a table shaped menu including some glass cups, textures emulating table clothing and napkins. A slider to show menu elements, with a minimalist single entry layout that makes it …See Demo

  • Minimal Embossed


    Modern and artistic elements can be appreciated on this template, like the menu and slider buttons that have a ribbon appearance.Mixed textures and a wide layout make this template ideal for landing pages to offer …See Demo

  • BlackDuct


    An exceptional effect has been applied into this template: the picture of a camera in the background with the texture that makes it appear to be printed over leather. Default logo has a fantastic shutter …See Demo

  • Brushinh


    Here we are again giving you another high quality freebie, this new freebie is a theme from Theme Generator. This is a theme that could fit in a particular niche like the painting galleries market …See Demo

  • VexelTables


    Seamless box contents, widget boxes with a sewed-over-the-jean-background texture appearance and pixelized header and footer. Those are the components of this theme ideal for designers who look for a non complicated and kind of grunge …See Demo

  • REDRocket


    A minimalistic theme that combines multiple graphic elements while keeping its simplicity. Light patterns highlight the shadows and the slider and widgets are designed as paper elements to give the illusion of a desktop. Its …See Demo

  • SewndOts


    Header and footer have a nice hive-alike background Slider comes with a neon lights interface and has pretty cool transition effects, in regards to menu, widgets, and entry boxes, a sewed jean cloth texture can …See Demo

  • SimpleBusiness


    The theme begins with a superb illustration of a simple old ledge to be used as the menu, with nice details like a portrait and some documents over it. This ledge gives the illusion to …See Demo

  • Dixel


    An uncomplicated and nice theme, bringing a red background with uniform grid on it. Contrasting big boxes center the attention to the product being posted, this is a really perfect layout to place products focused …See Demo

  • Bluemint


    Few things are really nice to eyesight than an accurate mixing of three colors; dark blue, white and light blue play really nice in the background of this minimalistic layout. The content is like floating …See Demo

  • Pinboard


    A neonized menu and a background with an unique light pattern that plays with the shadows to give a 3D effect. Layout designed to show multiple items at once is perfect to be used in …See Demo

  • PhotoMinimal


    This functional theme includes many elements to make every visit a great experience. The soft contrast of the background with the text, provides an elegant ambience, perfect for promoting your products and services, as there …See Demo

  • Clean State


    The theme is a combination of classic and modern elements such as the pattern in the background and the menu, the entry boxes are wide and ideal to show your services and products.See Demo

  • CleanPixel


    Nice fonts, nice pattern simulating cloth and content boxes that seem sewed to such cloth. Content boxes are wide and perfect to show your work. Slider counts also with cool transition effects. Theme is ideal …See Demo

  • Dreammey


    Want to share all what you have learned and discovered? this inspiring theme, then, is for you. Great for education purposes, it has a blurry but nice background and big elements to highlight that content …See Demo

  • RetroBusiness


    Background and title fonts are notoriously vintage elements that define this theme, content boxes are wide to show prominently pictures along with text. Theme is versatile and ideal types of sites the theme can be used with are in example fashion blogs, …See Demo

  • ReadyBusiness


    Red-hot first impression to claim for attention, a dark background with abstract images capturing a dynamic and enigmatical personality, could be great to describe a full of attitude woman, and that’s why this theme would …See Demo

  • CleanMagazine


    Light colors are predominant on this theme. Its content boxes are illustrated as notebooks. Its versatility makes it the ideal theme for magazines and blogs of any kind.See Demo

  • CleanRed


    It has some cool realistic details like the ribbons, and  shadows for content boxes. Light colors and shadows give it that 3d effect. Its layout allows to insert the widgets you like and makes ideal …See Demo

  • RedRibbon


    White color is predominant on this theme and its plastic elements provide it with a modern appearance. Red ribbons are nicely detailed, realistic, and make perfect contrast with the white. Full entry boxes are ideal …See Demo

  • Vienna


    A nighty and classic theme, its background evokes the magic of the oldest and beautiful neighborhood of the city. The tiled background of the slider adds seriousness resulting in a really attractive layout, complemented with …See Demo

  • RedNews


    Ideal for news and magazine sites. Brilliant colors are predominant on this theme as can be seen with the red body and an artistic lights picture over a black background. Its layout allows to show …See Demo

  • UpperLight


    A chic background with an abstract design in purple, contrasting with bright elements containing a powerful photo slider and big enough content frames. A delightful design, perfect for beauty topics, such as blogs, tips, and …See Demo

  • Simplistic


    A minimalistic interface of plastic and metallic elements combined. A cool granulated gray background and nice ribbon details on content boxes makes this theme a fantastic choice for  those who are looking for a simple but nice theme for their blog or small …See Demo

  • Boldy


    Menu simulates a ticket entrance kind of broken, and background with the lights over the dark colors simulates the dark environment on a theater. Theme is ideal for blogs and magazines which topic is actually …



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