Awesome article on basics for wordpress designs

Awesome article on basics for wordpress designs

Basics Of WordPress Theme Design

You might be surprised to know that WordPress theme development is actually very hard once you’ve got the hang of it.

In this post we’ll look at the different aspects of WordPress theme development, starting with the fundamentals and then moving swiftly onto the basics, template tags and the more advanced files.

The fundamentals

A WordPress theme is made up of a number of different files, and they all contain a seperate section of the page; the header will contain the title and navigation, then the index will contain the main content area (or on a post, the single file does the job).

The sidebar, obviously contains the sidebar and the footer contains the footer and closes off the HTML. This all sounds very straightforward, but the important bit is how you can just have a single file, change it once and you will change your whole site. Change your footer and that change will be reflected sitewise, not just on a single page.

Want to create a WordPress powered email newsletter? No problem; just pop it in the sidebar file.

Expanding on this, a post page is made up of four files (usually): the header.php file for the header, the single.php file for the post content, the sidebar.php file for the sidebar and the footer.php file for the footer. You can have the same header.php, sidebar.php and footer.php files for the whole site, and so when you make a change, this change comes immediately sitewide.

The admin stuff

Getting started with WordPress theming can be a daunting prospect……continue reading

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